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In Brazil

Hyperloop starts a new chapter in Brazil with the creation of the world’s first
Logistics Innovation Center, a new R&D facility to provide the technical
support to the future freight operations.
To do so, HyperloopTT, the Minas Gerais and Contagem governments
established a public-private partnership. The initial investment is US$ 7 million,
of which half will be provided by HyperloopTT and the other half by the
Economic development, science, technology and higher education secretariat.
The government of Contagem has contributed with the physical facilities.
During the first 5 years, the Global Logistics Innovation Center
will employ 50 direct and 200 indirect professionals,
all Brazilian citizens. Their goal: not just to build an R&D center,
but also to foster the entire value chain, the engineers,
scientists and specialists.
The innovation hub will include:

Research and development

Focus on Hyperloop technology, logistics-related innovations in collaboration with Brazilian and international researchers.

Fab Lab

Focus on combining advanced manufacturing and electronic tools to quickly create prototypes for proof of concept and determine technical and economic feasibility.

Hyperloop Academy

A partnership with universities, R&D centers and companies to attract brilliant minds to be part of the HyperloopTT movement.